Styptic Pencil
Styptic Pencil

Styptic Pencil

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A styptic pencil is a great addition to your rabbit first aid kit. Designed to help blood clot quickly, the pencil is ideal for when nails are trimmed a little short and the quick starts to bleed or for minor wounds.

To use, simply wet the pencil to activate and gently hold it against the bleeding area for 5 seconds. Repeat if necessary. The salts in the stick react with the proteins in the blood and increase clotting speed. 

Our range of medical supplies and supplements are designed to be used in conjunction with qualified veterinary advice to help your rabbit recover following illness or surgery. Our medical supplies and supplements are not intended as a substitute for professional veterinary assessment. If you are concerned about your rabbit's health or think they may be ill, please seek veterinary attention as a matter of urgency.

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