Rabbit Claw Clippers
Rabbit Claw Clippers

Rabbit Claw Clippers

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Our small pet claw clippers are perfect for keeping your rabbit's claws trimmed and healthy. Small, sharp and easy to handle, our clippers help keep claw cutting time quick and stress free. 

Trimming your rabbit's claws is an important aspect of your grooming routine and helps to keep your bunny healthy and comfortable. 

Rabbits have a blood vessel and nerve in their claws known as a quick. This should be avoided during trimming. In clear nails the quick is obvious but in dark nails it is hard to see so we advise clipping a very small section at a time. Shining a torch through the nail can sometimes highlight where the quick ends.  

Please follow the advice on the claw cutting diagram included in with your claw clippers. Please ensure that your rabbit is well supported at all times and not allowed to twist or struggle. 

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