Vetark Pro-C Probiotic for Rabbits and Small Mammals

Vetark Pro-C Probiotic for Rabbits and Small Mammals

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Pro-C is a soluble probiotic and prebiotic supplement formulated to help rabbits, guinea pigs and small mammals maintain digestive health and combat stress and disease.

Pro-C can be used during recovery from illness or following surgery and is especially useful as part of your syringe feeding routine. Pro-C helps to ensure that your rabbit's diet contains a healthy spectrum of vitamins, soluble prebiotics, probiotics, vitamin C and glucose. Pro-C can also be used routinely and long-term to help support the general health of older or special needs pets. 

Pro -C Probiotic is packed full of friendly bacteria and soluble fibre to help gut floral re-establish itself after a period or dietary change or antibiotics. Pro-C is also enhanced with vitamin C, electrolytes, and dextrose for digestive support.

Pro-C is high palatability and can be added to drinking water or sprinkled on food. Please follow the directions on the packaging. 

Our range of medical supplies and supplements are designed to be used in conjunction with qualified veterinary advice to help your rabbit recover following illness or surgery. Our medical supplies and supplements are not intended as a substitute for professional veterinary assessment. If you are concerned about your rabbit's health or think they may be ill, please seek veterinary attention as a matter of urgency.

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