Protexin Bio Lapis Digestive Support Recovery Sachets for Rabbits

Protexin Bio Lapis Digestive Support Recovery Sachets for Rabbits

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Bio Lapis is a water soluble supplement used to support your rabbit during illness and recovery. Designed specifically for herbivores and rodents, Bio Lapis is a critical care formulation containing probiotics, prebiotics, electrolytes and vitamins.

Electrolytes help to re-hydrate your rabbit and replace essential minerals often lost during diarrhoea. They also help prevent against subsequent dehydration.

Probiotics contain beneficial microorganisms to rapidly repopulate the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics help to re-establish a health gut balance, especially after a course of antibiotics or following a period of altered diet. 

Prebiotics enhance the growth of beneficial micro-organisms in the digestive system, helping to restore normal function as quickly as possible. 

Bio Lapis is a palatable dandelion flavoured water soluble powder that can be sprinkled over food or dissolved in water. One sachet per day for at least 5 days or for as long as recommended by your vet. 

Our range of medical supplies and supplements are designed to be used in conjunction with qualified veterinary advice to help your rabbit recover following illness or surgery. Our medical supplies and supplements are not intended as a substitute for professional veterinary assessment. If you are concerned about your rabbit's health or think they may be ill, please seek veterinary attention as a matter of urgency.

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